For 2012, MCG is making a commitment to make sure that the Mopar Hall of Fame becomes a reality. And the way that's being done is through the power of the Mopar community.

"MCG" is not me, nor the guys and gals in the office that work hard each month delivering a great read - it's a large number of businesses and subscribers that make MCG what it is. It will be the MCG community that's steps up to make this Mopar Hall of Fame possible this year.

Everybody's throwing a little in the pot to make sure this thing is special. I couldn't think of a better time to host the inaugural celebration than during the Chryslers at Carlisle event this year. The first hurtle in that process was to secure hotel rooms for the inductees, and as you know, that's quite tough in Carlisle! As you read last month, MCG was able to secure a block of rooms at the nearby Radisson hotel (don't forget to book your rooms there before they're gone) for MCG readers, and that, in turn, gave us the rooms we needed for this year's inductees.

This event will take place the Saturday night of Carlisle, and will include food, entertainment, and an up close and personal evening with countless Mopar icons. Because of space limitations, this event it is limited to only three hundred attendees. The price for the evening will be $99 per person or $150 for couples.

I have no doubt this once-in-a-lifetime inaugural event will sell out, and tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis. If you want to be a part of Mopar history, I highly suggest you don't hesitate and get your tickets now.

Don't mistake this for a money making venture for MCG - early production cost estimates are in the $25,000 range, we're not making a dime out of this. This is about giving back to those who've given so much to the brand, and by simply attending this event, you're making it possible.